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Company Information

Are you the one that we are looking for?
You are a travel freak and you love to jet set? Does exploring places, new and old give you a high? Do you think you are so passionate about travel that you can help other people realize the magic that lies in other places for them?

We are looking for travel partners:

A global company with its presence in more than a hundred countries worldwide is looking for a person who is passionate about travel. Freshers are encouraged to apply. Lack of experience cannot be made a bar to a thriving profession that is more fun and frolic than work itself.

The proverbial wisdom:

Someone has rightly said, “Choose your profession with care and you will not have to work a single day”.  There is just so much wisdom in those words.
Here are the basic requirements for the post:

  1. You must be within the age of 20 and 55 years;

  2.  You must have a passion for travel;

  3. You must be well versed in three languages – English, French and Spanish;

  4. Knowledge of additional languages apart from the three is obviously welcome!

  5. It is desirable that you are an extrovert and an extremely sociable person;

  6. Your job will require you to travel nine out of twelve months and so your travel documents must be clear.


Other skills:


It is most desirable that you can blog on the company’s website and/or have a blog that you already post that can be officially linked to the company’s website as long as you are with us. the content that is posted by you during employment will however be exclusively your copyright and the company shall not exercise any kind of intellectual property right claim on it.


Apply now:


If you think you are the one who is most suited to this position, shoot us a mail immediately. There are only twenty positions available as of now. So, what you waiting for? Let the adventure begin, we say!