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Here are the best reasons why you must pack and go!

The world is a book:

There is a saying that this world is a book and people who do not travel have merely read a page! This is no exaggeration. This is the truth and clearly no bigger truth has ever been told. There is a great world out there to explore. So what is the fun in not going all out and finding out what secrets Mother Nature has in her folds?

No excuses please!

You have a thousand reasons to be stuck where you are and you have millions of excuses to delay that long pending vacation, but my friend, You Only Live Once! There may be no second chances and if you have the opportunity to grab your backpack and just go; think of the nearest date than keep procrastinating it forever!


I was a reluctant traveler!

There is no better example for someone who hated travelling to what I am today, a globe trotter who starts feeling claustrophobic if he has to stay longer in a place for more than twelve months! It all started with a small trip that I took to Egypt and just got hooked to it. There has been no stopping me after that. I keep looking out for excuses to pack my suitcases. I have even shifted my job from one that was sedentary to one that involves a lot of travelling.

Believe me, you will never repent:

Travelling is addictive; but in the positive sense. Almost like exercising. By the time you are back from your vacation, you realize you are itching to go back again! I mean seriously. Don't believe me?

Once a traveler:

You know that the travel bug has hit you when you are only back from a trip and you are making new plans already. I mean look at the advantages that this preoccupation offers. There is not one or two but several advantages.

1. Adventures galore:

There is so much adventure that one can indulge in when one is on a vacation. Let us face the fact; when you are in your own city or town, there is a routine that you follow. There is only so much liberty that you give yourself obviously because you are preoccupied with whatever is your mainstay, either studying or working.

But on a vacation, you can afford to really let your hair down. Yu don't have to necessarily follow any routines or work schedules to be checked off. You can do what you feel like at any time that is. The best thing is that you get to do things that you were always dreaming of but never had the time to do.

For me it was surfing. Now, even though I live in the city with a beautiful shoreline, I must confess that there was hardly any time that I would have thought of taking leave from work to be able to go surfing. I am not cut out like that! But once I was away from the hustle bustle and my routine, I did not see why I should not indulge!

2. Appreciating other cultures:

Empathy is more desirable than sympathy. This is something I learnt only once I thread on the unfamiliar terrain. Understanding people, their culture, their food and their living is a natural incident to travelling. And you will realize soon enough that even though we are different, we are all the same! With every trip I made, I brought back something good in terms of knowledge and understanding of the various places, people and the cultures that I visited. I never knew that travelling could broaden my mind so much and help me think beyond the obvious!

3. Alleviates stress:

Believe it or not, we are like ticking time bombs. The reality is that while we go about our work and other things in our life, we are actually building up so much stress within us that it is enough to kill us if it increases even a wee bit. But of course since we are oblivious to the drastic effects of stress in our lives we go about as if nothing is wrong with the way we are living. Try doing this once: take a break in a period of one year and take yourself away from routine.
You could spend this time with your family or by yourself but just break away from the routine. When you will come back, you will be so rejuvenated that you can actually see the positive change in the way you work and the results will prove that you have indeed become more efficient than before!!